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Fried Rice Dishes:

44 Silver Bird Special Fried Rice £4.95
(Sliced Chicken, Chinese Roast Pork, Topped with Barbecue Sauce with
Prawns, Ham, Pork, Chicken, Mixed Vegetables and Egg Fried Rice)
44a Mushroom Fried Rice £4.30
44b Chop Wui Rice £4.95
(Egg Fried Rice 10p Extra) Young Sweet Corn, Chinese Leaves,
Straw Mushrooms, Chicken, Roast Pork & King Prawn in Oyster Sauce
44c Minced Beef with Egg Fried Rice £4.50
(with Peas, Onions and a Slight Hint of Garlic in Oyster Sauce)
45 Special Fried Rice (Chicken, Prawn, Ham & Roast Pork) £4.40
45a Singapore Fried Rice (Hot and Spicy) £4.40
Special Fried Rice with Bean Sprouts
45b Chicken Ham and Pineapple Fried Rice £4.40
45c Mixed Vegetables Fried Rice £4.20
45d Singapore Chicken Fried Rice £4.40
45e Singapore Prawn Fried Rice £4.40
45f Singapore King Prawn Fried Rice £4.95
(All Singapore Rice Dishes are Hot & Spicy)
45g Hot & Spicy Thai Special Fried Rice £4.40
(With Chicken, Prawn & Crab Sticks)
46 Chicken Fried Rice £4.40
46a Chicken and Mushroom Fried Rice £4.40
47 Prawn Fried Rice £4.40
47a Young Chow Special Fried Rice £4.95
(Special Fried Rice with Chicken & Roast Pork with Barbecue Sauce)
47b Roast Pork in Chinese Style on Fried Rice with
Barbecue Sauce £4.85
48 King Prawn Fried Rice £4.95
49 Beef Fried Rice £4.40
49a Ham Fried Rice £4.40
49b Chicken Chinese Roast Pork on Fried Rice with
Barbecue Sauce £4.80


Curried Dishes:

50 Curried Prawn £4.30
51 Curried King Prawn £4.85
52 Curried Beef £4.30
53 Curried Chicken £4.30
53a Curried Duck £4.95
54 Special Curry (King Prawn, Chicken, Beef) £4.85
54a Curried Mixed Vegetables £4.15
54b Curried Mushroom £4.15